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This service takes your floor plans and elevations and converts them to images suitable for use on, in your brochures, website or other marketing information.

For this fee you will receive five JPEG images in a format suitable for your desired output (, print or web)

This fee covers the exterior modeling, colouring and staging of a domestic single storey house with a generic landscape. Turn around time is usually within 7 days.

The more accurate the supplied floor plans, elevations and siteplan = the more accurate the finished images.

Materials, colours, objects , landscpaing should be specified. Where the exact specification does not exist in our library we will substitute the closest specification or a generic specification.

Interior modeling package
This is performed as a package and includes the Kitchen, Living, Master Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and entrance foyer or hallway. An image of each room is supplied.

Please select 2 units when purchasing to buy an interior exterior package.

If you would prefer the viewbuild 3D model instead of JPEG images please email seperately your desire. (this does not alter the cost)

Your Price:A$375.00