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ViewBuild Master Software:

(supplied by Express Post-in Australia on an 8GB USB stick)

Real-time 3D modeling and visualisation software.

ViewBuild software has been purchased by thousands of users for more than a decade for many visualisation applications not just for visualising houses. Viewbuild software has been used to model and visualise houses, apartments, office blocks, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, civil plans, mining camps, churches, windmills, heritage sites, galleries, crash scenes, video games, sports centres.....the list goes on

This is the full software used in-house at Viewbuild for the past decade and a half to create 3D models

For Windows 7 / Windows Vista

Important note before you buy ViewBuild Master Software.
Please try before you buy as there is no refund on this product once you have purchased it. Download our free version to test performance and suitability, remembering that like any 3D software you must invest time into learning. The free version allows three free save files and is not time locked in any way so feel free to take as long to as you like to learn the software.

-thousands of materials including bricks, carpets, timber, concrete styles, ground covers, metals, fabrics and other surfaces.
-thousands of objects including furniture, light fittings, handles, vehicles, plans, trees, people.
-thousands of colour charts from ICI Dulux, Colorbond, Resene, Taubmans.
-garage doors, cabinet doors, front doors, internal doors. Window builder.
-Proven collection of tools suitable for modeling and visualising projects of varying degrees of complexity and scale.
-Ability to compile viewers for providing self contained modelling projects.
-Landscaping tools such as contours, cut and fill, point editing, background photos, sky boxes, sun/shadow simulations
-building modeling (walls, openings, windows, doors, steps, landings, freeform shpes, curves, primitives.
-Export hi-res images (approx 40 Mega Pixels)
-Supports layers,
-PSD, JPEG, 3DS, VB3, VBO, BMP, PNG (PNG and PSD support alpha channels)
-Save models for public use, ability to remove license restrictions off files.
Includes beta/alpha features used in-house - texture cut, multi_floorplan edit, export object textures, create and export skyboxes, create placeholders and object instance clones.

System Requirements:
4GB of system RAM and at least a 1GB discrete 3D graphics card(NVIDIA or ATI)
Wheel Mouse

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