over 25 Years of Visualisation and Design

Communicate ideas simply

3D visuals convey important information about your building or design project to stake-holders quickly and effectively.

  • Development and Building Applications
    Luxury bespoke house designs that are designed for your land. We handle the entire process of creation and submission of Development Applciations and Building Applciations to council for approval.
  • Shadow and Sun reports
    Reports for councils of neighbouring properties and self shadowing of Private Open Space compliance, Habitable Room, overshadowing, building envelopes, fences, trees, privacy and bulk
  • Photo Visualisation
    Bring your pitch to life with stunning Visuals for Residential and commercial developments Hi-res images, videos, walkthroughs and VR are available as options. Perfect for designers at the concept stage or with marketing professionals for sales media.

Some Of Our Projects

Battery Point

Renovation and extension of heritage listed period home. Challenges included State and Council hertiage requirements, limited space, hertiage components and trees that had to remain. COVID shutdowns during build and subsequent sourcing of labour and materials.


Design and DA, BA approvals for an energy efficient modern house currently nearing completion. Challenges included listed Flight Corridor, prominent easements, sun path, stormwater, excavation issues.

3D Images

Each industry has its own needs for how 3D images are protrayed to stakeholders aand clients.

3D Images can be presented as single images for use in printed material, signs, coreflutes and websites, videeo files can be created to show a journey or walkthrough the building project or to show the effects of sun and shadow and lighting.

Real-time walkthroughs can be performed at our office with or without our Virtual Reality headset.


A bunch of matching clothes wearers and geeks who a align on various technical and design projects but can't stand each other enough to work permanently in the same office with each other or for that matter within the same company.



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